Saturday, June 21, 2008


Question: Hello,

Thank you in advance for taking time to read my ranting bullshit. I do have
questions as well though

First of all, who was in charge of putting together the \"Metal: a
headbanger\'s companion\" sets? I ask because the first one was amazing. A
good collection of bands, and genres and even opened me up to some new stuff
that I loved. But the second headbanger\'s companion was shit. The bands and
songs were fucking awesome, don\'t get me wrong. But the so-called
\"genres\" they were divided into looked like a lame ass excuse to put
together a cheap ass sequel of the same stuff. Leaving so much untouched
potential in the world of alternative music (metal specifically) I mean you
could have gone with real, established, genres instead. Such as: Black
metal, Power metal, Power Violence, Sludge metal, doom metal, old
school/classic metal(admittedly harder understanding you would have to get
rights to that shit), Cybergrind, Industrial metal, gothic metal, Nu metal,
metalcore (despite those last two being rather shitty in my opinion) etc. A
collection with shit like that in it would be much better in my opinion, and
fit better with the first compilation. And I would be much more willing to
drop money on something like that. I don\'t mean to bitch; just my opinion.

Thanks again,
Jesse From:

Answer: well thanks for purchasing our box sets- glad you found them useful.I hope you agree both Boxes 1 and 2 are excellent value for money and an easy and cheap way to feed your ipod with 100+ tracks of quality metal for under a tenner.Both are also available on itunes store as download...i recommend it, its awesome to watch a 100 tracks d/l in one go into itunes, you have 6+ hours of metal in minutes, all tagged and high quality.
The first box was done by genre, the second was more by theme.
Regarding the compilers- I was the one who did the First Box set. Dan Tobin who is the label manager of Earache did the Second Box.You have to realise that 100% of the tracks on both boxes come from the considerable Earache back catalog/archives, spanning 20 years of extreme metal (we invented the genre after all), and its hard to fit them into the genres you mention, simply because earache itself during that time did not sign too many black metal bands or gothic metal acts , and had zero power metal acts. So you are right, to expand the series into a second box was a struggle for us to fit the bands into the genres.
Our next box will dig deep into the catalog and unearth some gems, compiled by country of it'll be a global metal comp, featuring acts grouped under say, sweden, USA, Uk, Poland etc. Watch for it around october.

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