Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vinyl run-out groove messages

Question: Hey. I not too long ago bought a copy of Harmony Corruption. Atthe middle of the vinyl theres stuff carved in. This took me a few months to spot actually, cos i was blowing dust from the record and held it side on to the light and i could see the scribed stuff. It was MPO on both sides. Mosh 19 A^ and the A side and Mosh 19 B^ on the B side. But then its got some wierd stuff. On Side A it also has \"How Chuffed?\" scribed in and \"Utopic\". On side B it says \"What a doss\".

Do you have any idea of what this could be?
Dan From:

Answer: yeah its the identifying marks scratched into the vinyl during the manufacturing process- MPO is the plant that mass produced the vinyl (in france) Utopia is the cutting studio in London where the master tape is transfered to acetate (vinyl master).
The other words are a hidden message I added to the vinyl run-out groove during the Mastering/Cutting process, in the cutting process the vinyl acetate is quite soft plastic and can easily be etched with a simple sharp was quite common in the 80's/ 90's for bands to leave cryptic messages for fans in the run out groove.Usually they arre in-jokes or spur of the moment sayings..mostly nothing really profound.How CHuffed and What a DOss were sayings which Napalm death members used to use on a daily basis at the time, so seemed appropriate to add them, simply to raise a chuckle when the fans read it.Nearly every Earache records vinyl edition has some saying or other etched in the run out groove, cept in recent years when the idea seems to have gone out of fashion.

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