Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mick Harris-Napalm Death & Scorn, a legend 2x

Question: Are you aware that earache was credited in helping pioneer another genre which is dubstep in that mary ann hobbs branded mick harris and his scorn project the godfather of the genre being as many of the new bands seem to relate back to scorn, does it seem weird to you that now the trendy clubs and labels have only really started catching up with what earache was releasing over a decade before? From:

Answer: SCORN music is kinda trendy now and played by Mary Ann Hobbs on radio 1? Are you sure? we had no idea!- you mean cos its similar to the heavy bassline 'Grime' stuff, which is hella popular now, i assume?Fair play to mick for sticking at it, and getting the long-overdue props.
Going back to early-mid 90's, Earache were doing Fenetik and Dj Senator records in 94! DJ Senator includes Simon 'Bassline' Smith -and hes GOD of bassline ha ha
It's Mick Harris who is the pioneer, not Earache (I am more of a serial-dabbler into street scenes that seem fresh, original & interesting).As it happens, I was the first to introduce Mick to early 90's' UK jungle-rave'like ACEN back when he was still in Napalm Death- the quizzical look on his face when he heard the rolling earthquake-basslines was a picture. He bought a sampler soon afterwards and went headlong into electronic music as Scorn.
The SCORN album Zander is sheer bass-quaking genius, what Mick has done is add darkness & ferocity to the bassline- too many other producers use it in a polite way..its about time the industry handed out some gongs in his direction.I'm gonna make them do it.

heres the living legend quaking-up Budapest, on the wheels of steel in 2007:

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