Monday, June 30, 2008

Noise bands on earache?

Question: hello,
i know Earache is full metal madness but i also digged into some un-usual releases like gabber electronics for example \"ultra-violence\",i have an offical album i would like to submit but it\'s \"noise\",i would like to know if you have door open for this genre.
best regards;)
E. Bohorquez From:

Answer: Grind/HC/Noise like A.C and the extreme techno/gabber of DOA/Ultraviolence is about as "Noise" as we have gotten on the label over the years.Some would argue that our entire output is unlistenable noise though ha ha.Now and again we wonder about how an actual experimental noise band would go down, so yeah we might be open to dabbling in the genre, and Birmingham's upcoming supersonic festival would be the place to perform, we might even catch you there.
Send us your myspace link dude.

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