Thursday, May 07, 2009

Carcass Red vinyl symphonies 1989

Question: Hello again,

i know that you don\'t want to answer some kind of questions. Maybe this one is one of them. The last time i wrote you about a \"symphonies of sickness\"-rerelease i was watching it at ebay. I didn\'t get an aswer from you, but i bought it. Its a sealed rerelease with a sticker on the plastic that says \"only 1000 copies on colored vinyl\". My question is (again): Which pressings had this sticker? Just the red european 1000 copies or also the us-releases? Or just the us releases? It would be very nice if you could tell me that detail. I\'m NOT going to sell that copy with \"Earache told me that this record is rare as hell\"! You can check my site, so you can see that i am a collector, not a seller! its:
Thank you very much. From:

Answer: The 2002 US vinyl edition of Symphonies of Sickness is what you have, judging from the sticker text. The original 1989 version was 1000 red vinyl for Germany only, check it out in detail HERE.Some more info on vinyl colors and quantities is HERE

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marcelken said...

Thank you very much. I didn't knew that the red veinyl is an original pressing from 1989. I Thought it is a rerelease too.
But i opened my copy now and its an clear vinyl version. So everything is CLEAR now^^

thanks again