Friday, May 22, 2009

No Metalgaze on Earache- Iroha/Nadja etc

Question: Being as earache had so much to do with the roots of the genre, does earache have any interest in the metalgaze scene at all? The core bands seem to be jesu, iroha, nadja etc. Earache seemed to lay the foundations of the genre with godflesh and scorn. Is earache not interested because of the scene inbreeding of the bands? or is there another reason for this? From:

Answer: Thanks for the interesting question.I'm noticing more questions from the blogonauts along these lines lately - someone wanted to know why there have been no Avant Garde bands on the label recently aswell, both are tough to answer in any detail apart from the "we're just not feeling it" line.

The sound of the bands you mention just doesn't seem all that contemporary to my, admittedly shot-through, ears. By definition, if Earache was releasing the early bands which are now considered the roots of the style all those years ago, its damn hard for us to find the same sounds as contemporary in 2009. Time moves on and what was once radical ends up being considered traditional (tradical?) some might even consider it safe.
Personally I think Iroha is pretty cool,the song Iroha itself has a haunting quality which is mesmerising. I prefer em to Nadja (pictured) anyway, who simply seem like a polite Jesus and Mary Chain to me. Anyone remember the original shoegaze act from the 80's My Bloody Valentine ? they were the definition of radical noise for much of the 80's, well, until Napalm Death came along they were.

Having said all that, you should check out Swedes Cult of Luna who over the course of 4 albums on Earache have plenty of 'Metal-gaze'ish moments, interspersed with intensely heavy parts, so could be classed as similar.

Earache is not opposed to signing a newish totally out there experimental band, its probably long overdue in fact, we just need to find the right one that floats our boat.

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