Monday, May 18, 2009

Earache is NOT on the Nottingham tourist map

Question: I\'m visting a friend in Nottingham during the Summer, but I will probably have some time to myself when he is at work. So, I was looking for somthing to do, and I was wondering if you do tours of your offices? Is there anything worth seeing?

Alternatively, is there any places in Notts you reccomend I vist? I would like to see the places that started my favourite record label. From:

Answer: Well, Punk7680, we might just be able to "make your day".Its been a while since we had any fans want to check out the Earache HQ, tho I vividly recall back in the labels heyday we had regular visits every summer, from Inter-railing European fans. Swedes, Japanese, Germans, Canadians and even the worlds biggest Napalm Death collector Mykul from New York made the pilgrimage. Most would simply call round to get a peek at the place, or try to buy rare test pressings or to drop off a demo tape, while they were here.

Some went much further- a group of lads from Basque country (Spain) came into the office and proceeded to climb onto my desk and stagedive off it into their mates arms. It was hilarious to watch - I guess it was a hoot to tell their mates "we went to Earache and stagedived off Dig's desk".Mad bastards.

Office is first floor above the Peckish Cafe.Entrance pictured.

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The label actually started in this terrace apartment, minus all garbage outside it I might add.My first floor flat (window wide open) was the place Earache began.Every early grindcore musician used this place as a hotel while on tours or recording etc.I doubt the local council are in any rush to put a plaque on the wall, ha ha.

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No visit to Nottingham is complete with checking out ROCK CITY club.

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For smaller punk & metal gigs try the OLD ANGEL

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