Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where is EVILE CD manufactured?

Question: Hello.I recently bought cd Evile-Infected nations

(Earache Records LTD),stroke bar code-5055006537710

cd's back side-- SOUND PERFORMANCE 2086912121,MOSH377CD, IFPI LP76. Question: What country has manufactured this cd, England or Holland? Evgeny. From: evgenij-paraskun@yandex.ru

Answer: The Cd is made by Earache in the UK.However the plant used to manufacture the discs is called Sound Performance, we talk to their London office about the pressing of CDs. I think you might be right to suggest Holland because the actual factory used by Sound Performance is located in Holland. Because of the free movement of goods in the European Union, it doesn't make any difference to Earache where the factory is actually located, hopefully it doesn't make any difference to fans either?

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