Monday, November 21, 2005


Question: hailz!
just wondering whats happening with the deicide-when london burns dvd?thought that was due for release right after \"scars\"?
also will MOSH299 (the morbid angel dvd) just be the alters reissue or will it be a seperate dvd release with all the clips and such?
thats all,cheers
(btw love the new municipal waste release^_^)

Deicide's debut DVD comes out January 2006- heres advance preview of the sleeve! And morbid angel release will be dual disc of the debut "altars of madness" with bonus DVD footage from November 1989 era- a full Nottingham Uk show with Dave Vincent and Richard Brunelle, right after "altars' actually came out. its priceless footage with the band in their prime.

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