Thursday, November 03, 2005


Question: WHat\'s going on with Deicide\'s website? It hasn\'t been up for about a year now. I know you guys don\'t deal with that, I was just wondering if u knew what was going on with it. Thanks...

thanks alex,

check out Deicide on Myspace its the bands official myspace page. Deicide have had major bad luck at maintaining their presence on the web. Their original site was maintained by Eric Hoffman himself but he lost his computer and has since left the band. The site was maintained by Earache for the band for a few months but Glen wished to update it himself, so it currently displays a holding page waiting for his updates.Earache's own site of course carries news of Deicide's activities aswell.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I can help with the deicide site if needed... I've built a few flash based sites for bands, and i'd love to work on the deicide site...
here's some of my work..


Liam R