Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Question: Does Earache have a street team? If so, how do I sign up?

Answer: Sadly we have no street team as such right now, we have tended to use outside street teams for promotions from time to time like in the UK like Xtaster and others.. BUT there are plenty of ways you can join us to receive our news and more stuff.
Start by joining Earache's Earache Myspace page or Wicked World Myspace where you can interact with the label and many of its bands/fans too. If you are in the UK or Europe or on the GSM mobile network you can join our sms/text news list where we send out FREE news via text, including the invites to our legendary xmas parties and stuff. send a txt with word JOIN to +447781486111 and you'll be instantly updated with all our news but you won't be spammed with it..we send out one every 2 weeks or so max.

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