Monday, November 07, 2005


Question: hey am just wondering is there any chance of earache reissuing some old earache classics such as sore throat - disgrace to the corpse of Sid , sweet tooth - soft white underbelly old - s/t etc on cd. I know you have re issued unseen terror sand spazztic blurr (and good job as well) but it would be nice to see some underrated vintage earache gems re issued on cd


thanks karl..we do think about re-issuing some of the old stuff now and again but have no plans for sore throat or sweet fact a label in japan called Disk Union is doing an old band of ours called Intense Degree MOSH 9 on CD exclusively - look out for it..we might do more with them.

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Anonymous said...

cool man i have to buy the war in my head cd you should get a link up to the cd