Thursday, November 03, 2005


Question: Why does Earache SUCK NOW! all the good bands are gone or left.Why all the pussy ass shit now?no grind or brootal shit on Earache anymore?

Thanks for your question Sandman, it's one we get asked a lot.
Yes it's true most of our well known legendary bands are no longer on the label, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel etc were all let go after numerous albums recorded for Earache during the era spanning 1980's- late 90's, and we wish them well..but, we have decided to invest the labels efforts in newer blood instead now. As for no grind-are you kidding??We have a catalog of legendary titles which created the genre, including Terrorizer and Brutal Truth's debuts as well as AC, Sore Throat, The Berzerker even. Just this past 12 months Earache has released some of its harshest music ever- Insision, Watchmaker, Citizen- and next week Severe Torture hits the shelves.True we also released Adema this year which became a flagship band, but if you care to dig deeper into the catalog you can still find the most extreme music, which Earache pioneered infact.

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