Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Earache Extreme Metal Racing PS2 Game in USA?

Question: Please tell me that your video game is coming out in the U.S. A game with a sound track I would actually listen to? What are the odds? From: rhinofrench@yahoo.com

Answer: Its really quite likely you'll see the PS2 Game onsale in USA Game stores this summer.The UK based developers are attending the E3 expo in LA next week to meet with potential licensees for the game in USA.They seem hopeful that a USA release will come about- so watch this space for news of Earache Extreme Metal Racing for PlayStation 2 in USA. Earache fans will be blown away with the soundtrack when they play it..The game features about 50+ tracks from all the well known Earache bands as well as dozens of video clips and even unreleased songs and bonus never before seen videos as you progress thru the higher levels of the game too.It's still set for a July 7th street date in UK/Europe.

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