Friday, February 01, 2008

Death Metal-The return. Big for 2008?

Question: Being as ask earache is good at prediction trends ( the new wave of thrash etc), do you see 08 as being the return of death metal to popularity, i mean new albums from desecration, gorerotted and cattle decapitation on the way and the return of carcass has to help the profile of the genre a bit right?

Answer: Yeah you might be right actually-but from where we are sitting,quality Death Metal never really went away- have you heard the SEVERE TORTURE and BLOOD RED THRONE albums from 2007- both are as killer as any of the classic DM albums from the 90's.But i agree the scene is nowhere near the size it was when Earache was releasing the first wave during the early 90's.To be honest the new breed of younger DM bands that promote themselves 24/7 by interacting with their fans on myspace, and touring incessantly - think JFAC and Suicide Silence - they are the ones making the scene healthy now- not Desecration or Goreotted (readers of this blog must know by now, we just dont rate those Brit DM bands- they are distinctly second rate-even tho you lot ask about them all the time!).

With Carcass reforming there is a hell of a lot of vibe about them, considering they last performed in 1995, but we think they will not hang around - so grab your chance to see them in 2008.We have the complete catalog to be re-issued with bonus documentary DVDs on every album, containing indepth interviews with the members who explain the whole story of the band from the humble beginnings in 1987 to the split, including a totally rivetting and moving segment where ken recounts how he felt when he was trapped in a coma for 6 months in 1999.Its must-see stuff.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how to ask a question, so Ill leave a comment.

Iron Monkey's final cd - "Ruined by Idiots"

Whats the deal?

Anonymous said...

second rate bands what they hell are you talking about obviously you don't konw shit as the new severe torture sucks ass and it sounds like trendy lamb of god crap, and the new blood red throne is like a freaking slipknot c d you know if you have heard either of these bands, and carcass, is actually second rate just becasue a bunch of untalented 40 year olds have countless carcass rip off bands doesn't mean they are any good get a brain Job for a cowboy is not is not death metal they are complete shit as is suicide silence triplets and a have ass pinch harmonic in each song is not brutal, Gorerotted is one of the best death metal bands to come out of brittian in a long time they are a whole lot better than the pop music municipal waste crap thrash sucked in the eighties it sucks today your lalbel has been on a steady decline and everyone sees why can the hardcore shit and stick to real death metal losers