Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stick with our old band - or go for a new one?

Question: What would you suggest to a band that has actually released three albums, with problems with the three labels they have released them, poor distro, promo, and if they are about to change almost all the lineup for the NEXT big step (total dedication)... Should we really continue with that band (with all the work done and recognition that means) or shall we start with something new and fresh? Do you pay more attention to a NEW boom CD of a new band, or is it the same for you being a 4th album (same album i.e.)? Thanks for any advice.

Answer: I would strongly suggest you fold the old band- and get on with the new band right away ,as its your best chance to succeed.Its very rare for a band to be discovered and get big on album number 4, simply because the whole metal industry, from guys who run labels to the journalists who write the magazines are always quick to judge the merits or otherwise of bands from the debut onwards.If after 3 tries, nothing is happening then its time to try something different.If your band has existed already for 3 albums and didnt make any progress, then i would suggest its the band at fault, not the labels.It will be hard to move away from all the energy and creativity you have already placed into the old band...but the clever tactic is to face the fact its simply not happening with fans for some reason, and start anew, with no mention of your previous band.

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