Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ralph in Deicide? Nah...not this week.

Question: is ralph santolla a member of deicide or not?

answer: No he's not in Deicide, he's in Obituary, well as far as i know, this week he is...Glen Benton publically fired Ralph from Deicide in early 2007- we dont know the reason but something happened in South America tour - but by late 2007 Ralph had seemingly agreed to appear again, strictly as a guest musician- so consequently he added his riffs and solos to the upcoming Deicide album TILL DEATH DO US PART strictly as a guest guitarist.Ralph also played on the last Deicide album, and had previously lent his undoubted guitar virtuoso skills to DEATH and ICED EARTH, in the 90's.
To be honest Deicide is truly just the duo of Glen Benton and Steve Asheim, as the originators of the group they decide what goes.Every musician 'joins the band' on a project by project basis, with the discussions, financial matters, and the hiring and firing led by Glen Benton as he sees fit.
Ralph got his knickers ina twist when our PR department mistakenly wrote a press release that Ralph has "rejoined Deicide" for this new album. I guess he got annoyed cos it made him look bad to his current outfit Obituary.The truth is.. we have no clue who is in Deicide at any time, their 3 albums and 2 DVD's for us have so far featured no less than 5 different guitarists.

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