Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carcass on RoadRunner in the 90s?

Question: Did earache really nearly loose carcass at one point to roadrunner? as jeff mentions it on the necro dvd, how close were you to loosing them? From:

Answer: Yeah as Jeff mentions in the documentary film- and it was complete news to me- Carcass nearly signed with Roadrunner in the early 90s.At that point, Carcass had completed the 2 album deal with us, which covered the debut and 'Symphonies' albums, and as Earache was still a developing label, with a few minor breakthrough extreme acts under its belt, the band looked around for a better home, Roadrunner back then, as now, were THE powerhouse label of metal in the world, I recall they were breaking through with Sepultura and Type O Negative on the USA Billboard charts and scoring gold albums,which was a major acheivement for metal back then, and had even formed a sublabelRoadRacer to cater for the more heavier end of the spectrum. As Jeff mentions in the film, the deal from RR was'nt to their liking -it would'nt be much money and for up to 8 albums in length, which was typical of RR back then I guess.Earache's counter offer would have been for 2 albums on a 50/50 profit share so the band chose to sign to Earache for the 2nd time, and the resulting albums were Necroticism and Heartwork (which Earache licensed to Columbia).After that the band signed direct with Columbia records, a part of SONY, but Carcass had massive disagreements with the label over their sound and direction, so were dropped, and the album shelved.
Now owning the shelved album, The band came back to Earache for a 3rd time,enabling album Swansong to see a release on Earache in 1996, but sadly the band split up before it was even out, and Carcass was dead for the next decade, leaving Earache to keep the records in print and keep the legacy of their great output going.Guitarists Steer and Amott continued in music during this time, former with Firebird and the latter with very successful Arch Enemy.
Seeing the pulling power of reformed bands from the 90s, prompted Carcass to consider a reformation in 2007 - and in summer 2008 the reactivated Carcass toured heavily all over the globe.I personally doubt the band will make a new album, however, even if they were to make a newie, I doubt it will be on Earache, unless they come to us for a 4th time!

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