Sunday, October 05, 2008

The next in line "Classic Re-issues" CD +DVD

Question: what is next in the line of classic re-issues? Are there going to be any scorn or godflesh with extras? From:

Answer: We get loads of emails asking about this series of Earache titles coming out with FREE bonus DVD attached.The Earache "Classic Re-issues" series titles have so far sold incredibly well, so we are glad they are being appreciated and bought by fans.
We definately want to keep the series going but we are rapidly running out of actual pro-shot live onstage footage from back in the day to make into DVDs to include as the bonuses, so the next titles will be ones were we have arranged to interview the members about the making of the albums,kinda like a documentary where the musicians look back at their seminal albums which have appeared on the label,and explain to fans what it was all about, in their own words. The Carcass documentary film "Pathologist's report Parts I-V" was wildly popular because the band had split in the meantime, so it was the first time the members got to explain what was going on back then.

Our current wish-list is Lee Dorrian on camera talking in depth about early Cathedral albums "Forest Of Equilibrium" & "The Ethereal Mirror", and also Morbid Angel including David Vincent discussing on camera "Blessed Are The Sick"- both of which are agreed in principle to take place.We are finding that fans are craving to see and hear the artists of these groundbreaking, genre-defining albums actually talk about the process and the feelings and motivations behind the recordings, in their own words, because its something that wikipedia or scanned-in old interviews can't communicate.

A latter period Napalm Death DVD should really take place, Shane Embury has a story to tell like non other, a story thats quite crucial to the history of Grindcore, also a Godflesh Streetcleaner re-issue should take place also,Justin has a massive story to tell-- maybe also something by Cult Of Luna and Akercocke.Scorn is quite a long-shot, I personally would'nt mind seeing the Evanescence line up of Mick and Nick discussing why and how they made such groundbreaking music, back in 1994.

Earache is rapidly turning out a production line of excellent metal documentaries, and having seen the Get Thrashed film,which is an excellent overview of the 80s Thrash scene, we are making some plans to do a totally in-depth film about the explosion of the 90s Death Metal/Grindcore scene ourselves.Also we are aware of our responsibility to archive and save for posterity the ideas and thoughts of the main players in the scene, as sadly quite a few have passed away now,like Jesse Pintado (Napalm Death) Johnny Morrow (Iron Monkey) & Vitek (Decapitated)so their thoughts are lost forever.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the response. after katrina hit new orleans, I lost a bunch of stuff and this is a good way to get it back with extras

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you'll be continuing this. Might I suggest either of the first 2 Brutal Truth albums, Terrorizer 'World Downfall' (RIP Pintado), Nocturnus 'The Key', Entombed 'Left Hand Path', and any Bolt Thrower album

Anonymous said...

I would say the first Brutal Truth album 'Extreme Conditions...', Ultraviolence's 'Life Of Destructor' (I went to a gig back in '04 and there were 3 camera guys there who said they were shooting footage for a DVD, what happened to that?), Morbid Angel's 'Altars Of Madness' (always thought 'Blessed Are The Sick' was a little overrated), Left Hand Path by Entombed, 'The Beyond' by Cult Of Luna, The first Misery Loves Co. album (there are so many demo singles with exclusive and now very rare tracks etc you could include!), and I would love to see Napalm Death's 'From Enslavement...' remastered too!

Oh and Sore Throat - just for the hell of it!