Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Cult Of Luna?

Question: so what drew earache to cult of luna they arnt exactly typical earache affair to be honest sure the root of their sound is justin k broadrick influenced, but its the other influences that throw me off eg radiohead, iceland\'s sigur ros and denmark\'s mew. From:

Answer: When Cult Of Luna's debut came out on Rage of Achilles records it caused a major stir in our office and we felt 'here is a VERY special band'. The debut was heavy but in an entirely original way- the use of sonically head-caving passages with more atmospheric quieter interludes during the often long songs impressed us a lot.They mixed the heaviness of metal with the intelligence of hardcore, and showcased a different way of thinking-We had to work with the band.There's no Radiohead stuff that we can hear on the debut, but I know what you mean, its now their trademark.
During later albums the band expanded the highs and the lows even more, and the Radiohead-isms came to the fore more, but still never more than say 20% of an album. If you hear their side-band Khoma -1 album released on RoadRunner records- you can hear the styles reversed-ie, 80% Radiohead, 20% crushing heaviness.Its this potent combo which makes them a special band.
We like the style of the band, they dont seem too out of place to us-Ok its not Deicide, but if you hear our Godflesh output from the 90's you can hear a similar type of vibe.Also-Try Callisto from Finland is my recommendation- their stuff is often overlooked - the album we released in 2005 is terrific and if you like COL, theres a fair chance you'll love Callisto too.
heres Callisto doing 'Wormwood' live 2007

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