Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleep & Godflesh vinyl on Kreation records?

Question: What\'s the story with the Kreation Records re-releases of some of the classic Earache releases? WIth Sleep\'s Holy Mountian, and now two of the early Godflesh albums, should we expect more? From:

Answer: Well they are new, 100% legitimate limited-run(2000 from memory)Vinyl LP pressings issued by Seattle's Kreation records under license from Earache.It's quite unusual for us to allow anyone to print our records, we keep a tight rein on who is allowed a licence to print our catalog, especially bands as revered as Sleep and Godflesh.
What happened was we noticed a lot of fans asking for vinyl printings of our long out of print back catalog, and since lavish vinyl is quite expensive to make, we do it mainly for our new current bands.A couple of years ago, Earache looked around for reliable partners to have a go at making some of this back catalog on vinyl LP available again, and bringing some vinyl back to life..It was our great vinyl licence give-away prompted by our label manager here in Uk who is a total vinyl NUT and wants our back catalog to be available on LP- err mainly i suspect for his own collection!
So, as well as Kreation, Belgium based Painkiller records also licensed a couple of slabs of wax - doing a lavish Bolt thrower pic LP and lavish Morbid Angel pic LP vinyl under licence.Night of the Vinyl Dead are also slated to do a Cathedral LP from us.
Many new labels it seems are mixing doing new bands with picking off the rights for vinyl for long-lost albums from the bigger labels, so its a thriving scene, driven i suspect by ebay and the hordes of frankly nutty vinyl collectors out there.
Kreation seem to have done the most to promote their Lp's, going as far as contacting the original band members for quotes or extra material for the sleeves, and doing a splurge of different colored waxes for the collectors & ebay market.

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