Friday, July 14, 2006

Heresy/Concrete Sox?

Question: trying to locate a copy of heresy/concrete sox split lp from way back .... any advice? available on cd? planning a re-release?
steve From:

Answer: The split LP from Heresy and Concrete Sox was only released on Vinyl by Earache. Mosh 2, it was Earache's first proper release it did all by itself in 1987 (Mosh 1 Accused was a co-release with Bristol's COR records).There has never been a CD of it, as it was not a favoured format at that time- Vinyl was still king then dude!You'll have to try ebay to get it nowadays...being our first 'proper' release it has an extra value to collectors.
Heresy had a later release on Cd called 'never slit thanks" licensed by Earache to toys factory in japan, around say 1992 or so. Sadly, Concrete Sox's side of the split LP has never been re-issued by Earache on anything because the band had split up by the 90's -and there is not much demand for them, 16 years later, as far as we can tell.

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Anonymous said...

There's demand now!

Your Turn Next is from 1985 (I wrote it). We recorded this album between November/December 1984. It was released May 1985.

I am the founder member/guitarist/manager of Concrete Sox. The new line-up will tour from June 8th 2013...

Vic Timoveric (Concrete Sox)...