Monday, July 10, 2006

'Chop Your Own Head Off' comp - released in USA?

Question: I\'m asking for a third time in case I messed up the first two, is Chop Your Own Head Off going to be released in the U.S.? If so, when and at what price? Thanks. From:

Answer: thanks George, we did get your question each time..and its hard to answer you as we basically havent yet decided on the plans for this Earache Compilation containing CD+DVD+PC game demo, in USA. It is released today in UK and across Europe for a low price of £4.99 instore and has seemingly gone down a storm with fans.There is a ton of great new extreme music including a brand new Deicide track,available for the first time ONLY on this CD, plus a bunch of videos, many never seen before except as streams on our website, and in a world first for any metal label, it also contains a fully playable interactive PC- CDROM game demo of our upcoming PlayStation 2 Game "Earache Extreme Metal Racing".All in all, its an extreme bargain!

Earache had no plans to release it in USA, but we hear that the Hot Topic chain are interested to carry the comp, so we might be rush releasing it in September in USA now.

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