Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Earache vinyl for sale

Question: As an avid collector of Earache brand vinyl (I have original issues of Mosh 1-25 now plus a lot more) , I have a small bone to pick with you. The European webstore has about three times the vinyl selection that the US store has, leaving me with little choice but to pay the higher shipping fees. Why must you torture me like this, and is there any hope of expanding the selection of wax on the US Webstore? Also, any hope of a vinyl re-release of Brutal Truth\'s first album? Maybe just one copy? From: johnwalbridgeiv@yahoo.com

Answer: We have a bone to pick with you fans too! I'm dying to know where you guys went in the mid-90's when Earache's vinyl output was still ongoing but sales on the format completely dried up?
Nearly 100% of the Earache releases as they were made came out on a vinyl format, it was our preferred format right from the start of the label in 1986, and only kinda fell out of favor in mid-late 90's as fans deserted vinyl for some reason but we still made vinyl even when its popularity plummeted- so by around 1999 we stopped vinyl alltogether except for limited 1000 copies re-issues of our biggest selling classic bands in 2001.
Y'know Earache has a werehouse in a secret location of our home town of Nottingham, UK that is chock full of unsold vinyl dating from that mid-90's era and before-even exotic stuff like Cathedral double 12" gatefold sleeve "Carnival bizarre' . Even brand new deluxe box sets of Beecher which house 5 lovely slabs of 7" by a killer band, and only came out last year,remain unsold,lots of them.
Most of the vinyl for sale on the UK webstore comes from that werehouse and is original pressings made in mid-late 90's, which we could sell on ebay for mucho $$, but we prefer to offer them for sale as a service to Earache collectors and fans. Our USA office and webstore in NYC dates from 1995 and has traditionally not made as much vinyl as the office was not operating when vinyl was king.

So thats why the Uk webstore has much more vinyl than the USA one.

The next vinyl editions we are planning are an At The Gates picture disc, and the upcoming Deicide will be on 12" LP and picture disc too.

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