Sunday, July 09, 2006

At The Gates- DualDisc Out in UK 17 July

Question: Does the DVD side of the dualdisc for \"Slaughter of the soul\" feature only the documentary? or does it also include the album in 5.1?
Thanks for the info...
armando From:

Answer: No -the DVD side is purely a 35 minute documentary, with also the bonus of the video clip for "Blinded by fear" and some outtakes etc. You can see the trailer for a taste of whats on the DualDisc.We did'nt bother with a 5.1 Audio mix because it seems they are not that popular yet, but if its something that catches on, then there is no reason why we dont't make a 5.1 DVD Audio or Superaudio surroundsound mix in the future.

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