Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing mosh numbers in our Catalog?

Question: When looking at the \"catalog\" section of the site, I noticed that there are several catalog numbers that are missing. I know that the second Sore Throat album waqs never released, but a lot of the \"missing\" catalog numbers corespond to some of the late 90\'s gabba releases. Why are these releases not even acknowledged anymore? From:

Answer: Yeah- well spotted John.Out of the first 250 Mosh numbers in our catalog I see about 15 of them are missing. First of all, i'm constantly amazed that fans like yourself are actually asking about our back cat releases, some of which never saw the light of day, or if they did, are now over 10 years old, but still talked about.
The truth is theres a story to be told about most of the missing mosh numbers-about why they are missing. We pride ourselves on having a killer catalog of releases containing many of the most legendary titles in the extreme music scene, and the ease of numbering them as mosh numbers makes it easier for fans and collectors to follow the list.Those 15 missings titles do bug me, because they make the list incomplete.
As you say, Mosh 68 was meant to be re-issue of the first Sore Throat album "Unhindered By Talent", but i declined to release it, and the Mosh number slot stayed unfilled. Mosh 107 was supposed to be a meathook seed remix 12 inch, but i had second thoughts about releasing it. Some of the numbers were planned to be themed label compilations but we never got round to compiling them. The numbers 150, 164, 165 as you correctly point out were gabba titles we licensed from Industrial Strength records- the licences expired eventually, so were withdrawn from sale, and the catalog.(actually we could leave them as names on the catalog but we'd probably have folks try to order them, which will be confusing, so better to remove competely)

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Anonymous said...

You really should acknowledge the releases somehow coz "DOA - New York City Speedcore" is as seminal a release as anything else on the Earache label (which has had more than it's fair share :-))