Monday, July 10, 2006

Deicide-Limited editions of Stench?

Question: Will there be a limited edition version of Stench of Redemption, or anything of that nature? From:

Answer: sure there will be a few things for Collectors who buy Deicide early.See here for the Special editions.


Anonymous said...

Im kind of confused...A month ago, you should the album/art wasnt done yet, which is why it was delayed, but its still the same(art) that was revealed back in april. By the way, is there much difference between the ep and album tracks?

Digby said...

the album was still being mixed on 6.6.6. the front cover art had already been done for ages, for sure - it was the rest of the packaging that caused the delays, mainly that of a photoshoot of the band to add to the packaging.
The EP has a different mix to the album versions- called 666Mix...Glens vo-kills are lower on the EP compared to the album version, and drums are slightly lower in volume on the final album.The differences are slight tho, and only fans with senstive ears could pick em out.