Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CARCASS have reformed

Question: Hi there,is it true that Carcass reunion?as far that i know,ken owen are having badly brain tumor disease.Is he recover?If that all true,i will could pay thousand dollar to fly over seas to see Carcass play at ozzfest!-ma\'el-(malaysia) From: maelsick666666sense@yahoo.com

Answer: Well you better get saving up for your flights my friend, because it is true that CARCASS will reform to play some shows next summer at European festivals- we hear currently: TUSKA 2008, WACKEN 2008 & HELLFEST 2008, and maybe more to be announced. The band recently met up in London to be filmed for a series of retrospective DVD's which we are releasing next year.You are right about Ken tho- he suffered an accidental brain hemorrhage in 1999 which left him in a coma, literally fighting for his life- after an amazing fightback,and a lot of rehabilitation he is now fully able- but drumming a full live set would be too taxing- so the drummer on the shows will be Daniel Erlandson (Mike Amott's band mate in Arch Enemy).

Heres CARCASS video for "Keep on Rotting In The Free World"


Anonymous said...

I am planning to attend the Wacken 2008 all the way from Mexico. Metal Rules. Carcass rules!! I was present at the 1992 show and have their autographs. Awesome experience for a once-teenager metalhead.

So, here's the question: Will Ken be present at Wacken even though he will not play? I cannot think of anything more rewarding and encouraging for him than a loud full of screams and applauses when he'd be announced to the public by Bill Steer!

Anonymous said...

i know they hated the usa but please please come to the usa

c said...

Do you think carcass should go on tour? 0r go to Graspop at least ;P (50% of GMM are drunken irish) hell, come to Ireland altogether! We have pubs and other alcohol related activities here.

Anonymous said...

Please come to Lain America we love Carcass here!!!!

shayne said...

do carcass plan on releasing a new album i guess we can only cross fingers