Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gallows & Earache?

Question: Is it true that earache turned down Gallows, Aparently on the
night they got signed they were playing a gig at rock city according to them
reps from all three of the nottingham metal labels were there and they said
that iatde were the only ones that offered them a deal, do you regret this
decision now being as they are being scene as \"saviours\" of the uk extreme
metal/punk/hardcore scene. From:

Answer:Earache never really even knew about Gallows until after the IATDE debut.I dont remember there being much of a fuss about them in our office, their 'greatness' was'nt recognised by us at all until quite recently.You could say we were slow off the mark.

I don't regret not getting involved in them, we have enough on our plate with the bands we already signed. We think fair play to mark at iatde records for taking the chance and he has earned the kudos that his decision deserved.Both Gallows and IATDE are both doing great it seems, so more power to them.

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