Monday, October 29, 2007

Earache & Taint?

Question: Im just wondering did earache have any interest in welsh sludge/post metal/hardcore punk crew taint. My reason for asking is because everytime they have played nottingham the past few times there seems to be a few earache staffers at their shows were you guys checking them out as a possible future earache band or somthing? From:

Answer: Yeah quite a few of the staffers have always loved TAINT - in fact that whole ACRIMONY/BLACK EYE RIOT Wales Sludge/doom scene goes down well on thee Earache death deck.TAINT have a lot in common with CLUTCH to my mind, but I don't think we ever tried to sign them tho- they have been signed to Lee Dorrian's Rise Above label so we leave them alone.I notice they have a newie out now and are touring including a Nottingham show. We should be in attendance as usual, we are at most decent shows in the town after all.

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