Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is the Thrash Bubble about to burst?

Question: Now that the thrash bubble is over inflated and on near explosion im wondering what bands do you feel will survive the bubble burst? Personally my money is on two british bands one that earache signed and one that earache nearly signed.

My belief is that the more 80s deritive bands like municipal waste and gamma bomb will struggle after the genre bubble has popped, however i see evile and sylosis as being the bands that survive the drop off in interest. the reason for this is because both bands seem to have taken influence from other genres and already intergrated it into their styles, sylosis for example have a heavy influence of chuck from death and devin townsendand also evile have taken more of a modern metal approach on their last record.
Im curious as to where you think the new wave of thrash will be after the bubble burst? From:

Answer: Dude I think you are a bit premature to write off an entire new scene so soon - the original Thrash bands have been going for 25 years so far,while the new set of thrash bands have only been recording for a mere 2-3 years so far,so I don't think Municipal Waste or Gama Bomb will be hanging up their white hi-tops just yet.

SLAYER just called Municipal Waste to have them as support on their entire European tour during November and December, so its not exactly doom and gloom.I guess the new thrash bubble is just about to get a whole lot bigger.

Sylosis is a great band and we tried to sign them after the first EP on In at The Deep end records.They were a Death Metal band back then, with an exceptionally talented guitarist in their ranks.Its been convenient for their label Nuclear Blast to label them as a thrash band, but they dont play Thrash in my opinion.

I ought to point out that none of the bands we deal with worry too much wether there is a bubble or not, they simply play the music they enjoy, and if fans like it then great, if not, thats fine too.

Its worth noting, this new Thrash scene happened very much without the permission of anyone in the media,( exception being Metal Hammer magazine).

Some bands are making efforts to move on- ie be more original than simply ape-ing and channeling tried and tested 80s vibes- Muni went more hardcore punky on the new one, and Evile developed a heavier, more complex thrash - a "modern metal approach" as you correcly describe it

Thrash is getting bigger mostly because its a refreshing change for fans to hear bands play proper-sounding meaty metal, with solos and vocals.No growls, no symphonic parts, no "core", no "nu", no gothic elements- just solid metal.

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Bill Hansen said...

I remember an interview with Warbringer when they were asked about their role in "bringing thrash metal back." They had a great answer I'll paraphrase, "We never decided to ressurect the corpse of thrash, we just wanted to play good metal." It seems that when you strip away the the bullshit cliches used by bands you're left with thrash. As Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing." =P