Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How to submit your bands demo to Earache?

Question: Hi there, my names Ali i am in a death metal band from Scotland called FACEGRINDER. I am wondering if EARACHE Records are accepting demos from unsigned bands at this time. I have been looking at several metal labels websites today and for unsigned bands like my own none are of much use as to where to send my demo or wether it would be listened to if i did send it.

I would appreciate a response greatly.

Cheers Ali From: ali_D123@msn.com

Answer: I dunno how other labels do it,some of the major record companies do not allow unsolicited demos at all. But the way to make Earache know about your band is- click on the CONTACT at the top navigation bar of the site http://www.earache.com. Then you'll see the staffers listed. At the top of that page is a flashing SUBMIT YOUR DEMO image- click that and fill in fields with your bands name, genre, myspace URL and playcount, then hit the button to submit.

As if by magic, the info ends up in the A&R dept inbox, and mine aswell..to give you the scale of the amount of bands who contact us this way- in 2010 so far, over 500 bands have submitted their myspace link.

Most do get played eventually, mostly its bands who have barely even formed, but some decent ones also arrive. If a band shows promise, we might decide to monitor a bands progress, to see how things develop.

3 tips for bands are 1) make sure your BEST song is first in the player. 2) a full band pic of you all together is important. 3) plenty of tour dates listed is always impressive and also means we might show up to check out the band.

Good Luck.

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