Thursday, June 29, 2006

Earache in The Philippines?

Question: hey earache I wanted to know why your recording company either the metal scene isnt really that accessable here in asia especially here in the philippines since there is so many metal kids,punks and kick ass emo kids.I know that your British and your priority are European nad some American but I just wanted to know why metal scene doesnt really accessable here in the shores of the Philippines,since metal scene will really sell here in our shore,and do you have plans of getting artist here in asia neither here in Philippines,there so many metal bands that really play good here in th Philippines but they dont have a chance to get a recording deal and I wanted to know how I can get a recording deal easy. thanks,more power to you. From:

Answer:from time to time, we have some contact with metal fans in Philippines- like yourself- but not much in the way of business contacts to help the distribution of Earache's cds and products there.I know the metal scene is huge and exploding right now over there, but we have no way to distribute our cds. Fans can always download our Mp3's from our download site METALTRACKS.COM tho.Thanks for your support!

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