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Carcass new plans?

Question: As Carcass have reunited in 2008 and are now active, are they still contracted to Earache? Or are bands\' record contracts terminated when they split up?

For example: There was a rumour doing the rounds about a new EP from Carcass. If this was to happen, would it be released by Earache as they\'re still under contract, or would you have to re-sign them?

Also, on the matter of Carcass releases. The re-releases were well done, the artwork was stunning and the audio extras were fantastic, but the DVD seemed a bit lacking? There are several videos doing the rounds from each tour, including the Rome date of the Heartwork tour. Could you not have maybe put on a live video from each album\'s tour, bar Swansong obviously, where there was no tour? I also feel the video for Reek of Putrefaction (which can be found on Youtube for all those who want to marvel in the sight of 400 identical close-ups of Bill Steer: could\'ve been included, along with something else along the lines of this, such as any Rehearsal footage or interviews lying about in Jeff Walker\'s spare bedroom.

Also, why wasn\'t Wake Up And Smell The... Carcass included in the re-issue campaign? Will it be re-released along with the DVD in your Classic range at any point?

And finally, is there any plans to release a live DVD from this year\'s Reunion tour? I know that the Wacken concert was shot professionally, for the purposes of the giant screens present. Also, would you include The Pathologist\'s Report in full? It would be nice to see it. From:

Answer: Well, whoever you are dude, I reckon you used up your quota of questions in this one- are you in the music biz I wonder? You certainly know everything about Carcass past and present so I applaud you for that.
First point- we had a 4 album deal with Carcass (well, a two album deal which was renewed once) then when the band were dropped somewhat ignominiously by Columbia Records the Swansong album ended up on Earache aswell under a one-off deal. The band are free agents because their contractual obligations with Earache were fulfilled by the time of their split in 1996 or so. Deals are not exactly terminated when bands split- unless by mutual consent- thats why a reformed Obituary recorded for Roadrunner about 10 years after splitting up- but were quickly droped.
I think its possible other labels might have some claims on any Carcass newly recorded output- post-Carcass, Jeff carried on and formed Black Star in the late 90's which signed to UK label Music For Nations (now Sony owned)-I have a sneaking suspicion they might have some claim on any new work by Carcass, but I dunno?Micheal Amott also has current record deals to consider.

Glad you liked the DVD's - we didnt include any old live gig footage because the legalities of old footage is problem area, and we have 2 perfectly killer gigs on the Wake Up and Smell the Carcass DVD- pro-shot edited gigs from GRINDCRUSHER TOUR 1989 and GODS OF GRIND 1992.It was meant to be a documentary in 5 parts,no more, no less- and no, we dont have any plans for combining them into 1 DVD, even if its obvious we do it.

Your suggestion of Wake Up and Smell CD + DVD Classic series is one we are considering though yes, it makes sense to us.

As you can tell- I'm not party to their plans, because Earache is only involved in the 90's era Carcass material, not any new material (if any were to be recorded!). My honest opinion is- I don't think the band will record any more material, and even if they did- it could'nt top what they did in the 90's- so why try?Also they'd definately have to hire Colin Richardson as producer, no one else could do it- and he's way out of their price bracket nowadays having done huge budget productions for Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine etc.I can't see it happening.

Heres Reek Of Putrefaction clip put together for the GRINDCORE VHS (now DVD) made by UK Metal video company Fotodisk in 1989 or so:

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Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm not in the music business, I'm just a devotedly obsessed Carcass fan, to the constant bane of my other half, who has to sit and listen to every single piece of Carcass gossip ever spread on Blabbermouth.

Thanks for the great answers, I've been quite interested in the whole thorny issue of what happens to a record contract once a band splits up, and in the technical aspect of being in a band as a whole, the bit most bands hate, like organising tours and whatnot.

I agree with the sentiment about the new material. They should just play live and leave it at that. New stuff wouldn't live to the previous albums.

Thanks again