Thursday, January 29, 2009

Earache's Early US bands- Accused etc?

Question: The stories of how Earache hooked up with its early European acts is well chronicled, but how did the label connect with some of the early American acts like The Accused, Spazztic Blurr, and O.L.D.? These bands obviously weren\'t playing shows at the Mermaid, so I am curious to know how they were discovered. From:

Answer: Simple explanation is- by being a hub of the thriving tape trading circuit, which during the 80s was the way of passing good music around among friends,via post.I recall sitting in my apartment churning out C90s all day, every day, year in year out. Although Uk based, at the time I started the label for real,through writing for MRR zine and befriending folks like Pushead, I was fortunate enough to have made many contacts in USA- one was a friend who ran Seattle label Subcore which issued the debut stuff from splattercore kingsAccused.Being a huge fan of the band from afar, it was a real honour to get the ok to release the bands Martha Splatterhead LP in Uk-this became my first release, Mosh 1.At the time I had no idea about rights so they quickly expired hence the LP is no longer available on the Earache catalog.From memory only about approx 5000 Mosh 1 exist.
Spazztic Blur was the crossover-HC-thrash side project of Wermacht, a rising Thrash band of the day, based in Portland.Again, being a mega-enthusiastic fan of the band, they let me release the album which became Mosh 5.

Heres Accused :

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