Monday, February 23, 2009

Danko Jones- Bad Taste?

Question: Does it suprise you when more mainstream acts namedrop earache bands as an influence? one of the more unusual i can think of danko jones of ultra trendy garage rockers danko jones frequently namedropping entombed(he took hellacopters on tour and mentioned entombed in the interviews to do with said tour), sleep( also high on fire- i know you never had them but inter related), fudge tunnel(and nailbomb). From:

Answer: Danko Jones? Never met the bloke but theres something fishy about the way his band's watered down rock n roll by numbers is fawned over by magazines as if they are rocks saviours.I can only assume his backers spend a small fortune on his promotion budgets.It's true to say, I'm not a fan,it sounds like garbage in my opinion. I notice his label is called Bad Taste,ha ha very apt.

As for him namedropping our old bands- that's cool I guess, though they have nothing in common with his insipid garage rock. The Hellacopters were a genuine rock n roll phenomenon in Sweden and across Europe when they came out in the mid 90's after Nicke left Entombed and it was pleasure to watch him make a major succces of his new band.It was quite a gamble because Entombed were very well established by then, charting in Swedish charts etc, but Hellacopters exceeded that by some degree.

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