Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harris/Bullen/Broadrick reunion?

Question: With various ex earache bands getting back together lets talk theoretically, If in the unlikely event that it happened how much would a broadrick/bullen/harris napalm death reunion make? And also say for argument sake they took the heaven and hell route also in keeping with justin\'s thing for naming projects after the last song he did for another they toured under the name of seige of power or somthing to that effect, would it be likely to make more or less than the current carcass, sleep, brutal truth runs? From:

Answer: Dream on dude- even tho i like your logic and you are correct that there's never been a better time for old band members to put aside their differences to reform, because the fees paid by promotors and festivals are at an all-time high right now- i honestly reckon THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
I also reckon the current members of Napalm Death would have kittens at the prospect of a rival Napalm Death - even under a different moniker- playing songs they still perform in their set to this day...But i've been wrong before.
The obvious name for such a hypothetical band is SCORN, and while we are in dream-land, maybe they could thrown in a couple of Scum era tunes at the end?
I reckon Nik Bullen would be the least likely member to consent, as he genuinely is not motivated by any kind of financial concerns, rating his artistic endeavours in higher regard than mere money. Fair play to him for sticking to his principles, but it should also be noted he has had a lenghty career in academia to support himself, hence commercial music is secondary.

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Anonymous said...

I still have the dream that one day the Scum era line-up will reunite, as in both sides. For example, the line-up will be:

Lee Dorrian - Vocals
Justin Broadrick - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bill Steer - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Nik Bullen - Vocals and/or Bass
Jim Whiteley - Bass
Mick Harris - Drums

One day, I tell you...