Monday, February 27, 2006

BORG 64- release or no release?

Question: what happen to the planned release of borg 64s debut album theyre using nanoprobes? ive seen it in you catalog before. but not now.. :( From:

Answer: yeah- we had this down for a release in USA under licence from the UK Codebreaker label, but Duncan folded the label for reasons we are unsure of, but suspect he was losing a lot of money and chose not to continue with the label, or at least dramatically downscale the operation.(He now works for the US Prosthetic label,running their UK office).Since Codebreaker is not fully existing any more, our license deal is deemed finished so the releases by both Lolita Stasi and Borg 64 on Earache in USA are cancelled, before they were officially put into production.

Both release are available and are already released and for sale on The Codebreaker in the UK of course tho.You can get them here - feel free to buy them!!

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