Sunday, February 12, 2006

Martin: Ex-Decapitated -in the army?

Question: did martin from decapitated really get drafted into the polish army? as this seems to be the answer that is coming up on alot of forums From: Unknown.

Answer: We think this is true, tho details are scarce since Martin quit the band and the long term manager of Decapitated quit with him at the same time, last December, getting an official word from them nowadays is hard.The band have carried on superbly tho.In Poland, Army training for a year or more is mandatory for all fit men 18+.The members of Decapitated were studying Music to a very high standard at College so were exempt from this, and were also under the draft age- but now they have finished the education, the Army option looms large.Being a reknown musician touring the world in a Death Metal band does not exempt you, it seems.The last we heard was Martin might resume in the band very soon, as its possible he has cleverly figured a way to delay or speed up his army service.


Anonymous said...

ASK EARACHE tells the truth & predicts the future- again!
heres blabbemouth news from 8 days later -Feb 20th:

Bassist Martin has rejoined Polish death metallers DECAPITATED.

"After cleaning up mess in my personal life, military problems (army wanted to catch me, I almost got to the court with that) I'm back in the band," Martin writes in a statement. "I need fuckin metal more than anything else! By the way, all rumors concerning 'problems with label' were just rumors! See you guys on the road!"

Anonymous said...

Martin has cleverly enrolled on a college course for Internet/website design, which means he can delay his Army service.Also it means he can study via internet- so touring with Decapitated is once more a possibility. He has now rejoined the band.
Army service (draft) is still compulsory for men in Poland, which is very different from all other European countries.