Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hate Eternal- past artist?

Question: Why is Hate Eternal listed on your past artists list? and are these tour dates the final ones or are there gonna be more? From: Unknown.

Answer: Hate Eternal were not dropped by Earache, which is the most common reason bands become a "past artist", instead, they asked to be let go,while their contract was still in full effect.In their opinion, the sales Earache acheived on the newest album 'I, Monarch' were nowhere near as good as the band were hoping/expecting.We did not disagree with them on that fact, but band and label had very different ideas for the reasons behind it.

Threatening to blast Earache to all media and press, as well as cancel all touring, in protest at such a shocking lack of promotion by us, and a lack of sales numbers on their finest album, we were left in no doubt of Hate Eternal's wish to persue their career on another - better- label, rather than the one they signed to. We maintained that any decent upstanding band should honor and fulfil their signed contract, but the band still wanted off, regardless of any legalities.

A soon-to-be filmed live DVD will form the end of the Earache-Hate Eternal deal, and the band should pop up quickly on another label of their choosing.Earache wishes the band the very best for their future career.

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