Monday, February 27, 2006

Decapitated art mistakes?

Question: Who\'s doing was it that ended up having the same thankyou list printed twice in the New Decapitated album sleeve. lol. From:

Answer: Same as all their album art on their 4 albums to date- it was 100% conceived, created, and delivered to Earache by the band- or rather their management. I guess its kinda strange that we didn't check it for such glaring errors,in our defence we had little time to put it into production- maybe a day- tho i do recall the actual album nearly was called 'Organic Halucinosis' on the spines of the CD, rather than the correct 'Organic Hallucinosis', err so thats one typo we did spot!
Anyways it wouldnt be an Earache release without the obligatory typo or two,its our trademark, and will no doubt be corrected in later pressings.Early buyers will then -unwittingly- have a collectors item, no doubt worth stacks on ebay in years!

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