Sunday, February 19, 2006


Question: Usurper. Please tell me you thought this band was going to sell some records. Both albums on Earache have been very disappointing. Does the mighty EARACHE listen to demos from bands before they go in and record as a way of quality control? I\'m thinking no because those records are flat.

Their website and myspace pages seem to boast about all the cocaine they do. Why don\'t they use some of the cocaine money and fund a tour? From: Unknown.

Answer: Of course we thought Usurper would sell some records- as proper Pure Old School Metal bands are in seriously short supply- and we want to keep the vibe alive.We love em cos Usurper are a band who are proud to be called Metal and wear their denim, leather and spikes as a badge of honour,not a fashion accessory.

As for the music, no we dont make bands do the 'demo the album' routine so we can 'quality control' the tracks.- we give bands 100% free-reign to record what they like, mostly.We might give advice on the eventual song sequence on the final album but thats about it.I agree, alot of bands could make better albums with some outside advice and quality control- but we find our bands prefer the freedom to record what they like- so Earache doesn't do it.

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