Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SOCIETY 1 - what happened?

Question: what has led to the parting of ways with the following artists
society 1
and since mortiis is a past artist why are you still posting promo news about him From: Unknown.

Answer- Its simple- theres no drama with either of those bands. Society 1's sales after 2 albums and a DVD on Earache were quite disappointing.Even tho Matt Zanes mob were our most toured band in USA during 2003-2005, and having played the main stage at the massive UK Download festival to approx 20,000 fans too, sales were still sluggish, so we decided to not pick up the option for a 3rd album. We still feel Matt Zane himself will become a major star in the not too distant future tho.
Mortiis completed his 3 album commitment with Earache and so the deal has expired, he remains a free agent until he chooses to sign with another label. Earache is naturally in talks with Mortiis and his management to continue the relationship, but nothing is decided as yet, and thats why we continue to post his news online.

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