Monday, June 26, 2006

Entombed lyrics?

Question: Hi there!

I simply want to know how I can get a hold of the lyrics for Entombed\'s Left Hand Path album - preferably by download! I\'ve been wanting the lyrics since the album came out and I don\'t know where else to look.

I hope you can help!

Big \'Left Hand Path\' fan,

Answer:The lyrics are in English, but were not printed on the LP or CD as the band were not happy with their command of the language at that point in their career. Being Swedish teenagers at the time of its release, thats understandable, and i also think they wanted to keep things a little mysterious too. Some editions of the CD do have the lyrics, i think, but its very rare.Nearly every record Earache has released comes with the lyrics, as its part of the fun of having the album, but thanks for reminding us- for Left Hand Path none are included!
You could try here

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