Monday, June 26, 2006

How to work in Music Biz?

Question: Hi, I\'m 33 y.o and i\'m interesting to work in \"music business\" like drum tech, roadioe or bus drivers, where can i ask for this kind of job?

Thank you and long life to metal!

C├ędric from Switzerland From:

Answer: if you want to work in the Music Biz- the best way, perhaps the only way, is to start off by doing work experience for free.Nearly everyone i know within the Independent Rock music Industry started as a fan of the music,including me, by helping out bands for FREE by either managing them, putting on shows for them, or simply promoting the act by writing about them in a fanzine etc.Nearly every band would welcome some help..BUT The long long hours of work for scant reward and barely an iota of gratitude from the artists themselves soon weeds out the non-committed.
If you stick it out for long enough, then its possible the position could turn into a paid one, and if the band becomes popular then you can actually make a decent living from the music, without even being a musician, as part of the back up team.
You have no idea how many bands i know right now that need a van +driver to take them to shows, a lot of bands are young and cannot hire a van themselves ( in the UK you have to be 25+ years old for insurance purposes) could ask around at your local clubs if the club needs any help, or place an advert in the music press.Good luck.

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