Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ewigkeit = ex-meads of asphodel?

Question: Is it true that Ewgiket was or is a member of the meads of asphodel, the reason why i ask this is because there are meads like riffs on ewgiket cds and vice versa, also hes rummoured to have several side projects in the works do you know anything of the status of them and if they are likely to sign to earache From:

Answer: James Fogarty of Ewigkeit was indeed a founding member of The Meads duo, from the very first demo up until and including the release of the Jihad mini CD - He was known as "Jaldaboath".
It is likely that some comparisons of material during those releases share similarites to Ewigkeit as James had written, arranged & recorded all the instruments & music (save for some lead guitar parts). Other "band members" (i.e drummer "Urukabaramel") had been invented by the vocalist to "fill out" the line-up. The Meads now seems to consist of a full line-up and various guest musicians.

Any similarities since are open to interpretation (for instance the Meads track "80 grains of sand" was released long after James had quit the Meads and yet had a whole section surprisingly similar to the track "Dragons Burning" from the Ewigkeit debut album "Battle Furies", released in 1997).

On this matter, James Fogarty had the following to say ;

" mate Nick Moberly who used to contribute to Terrorizer Magazine got an advance copy of the album that was recorded after I had quit. He telephoned me to ask if I had contributed to it, because he said there were some parts that sounded very like my stuff... maybe it was done to show some kind of continuation ? ... to be honest i couldnt give a shit anyway ... it was originally supposed to be like the "monty python" of Black Metal, but I started to get bored with the Black Metal stuff in general ..."

James Fogarty's main "metal" concern right now is Ewigkeit, although "The Blacksmoke Organisation" of which he is an integral part does often venture into metal territory with remixes and original material.

 You can now listen to 3 full tracks from EWIGKEIT's new album "Conspiritus" at their myspace page and also download the free MP3 E.P "Return to the land of Fog" at this location


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