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How Sore Throat got signed

Question: I realize that Earache made Sore Throat\'s cult LP \"Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid\" reissued on CD with their first LP \"Unhindered By Talent\" but only available in Japan... why can\'t it be avaiable in the US as well; I\'ve been dying to get that release from them on CD.

On the topic of Sore Throat, I like their stuff very much but don\'t know much about the band. Can you give a brief history or story about Sore Throat and how they signed to Earache and if they still exist today?

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Answer: I though you were'nt gonna ask about our old bands dude!!? ha ha no biggie- i'll answer anything here.Yeah Sore Throat were a Yorkshire based UK politico-crust-grind band in the late 80's, it was a kind of project band formed by musicians from other more well known, but less harsh sounding acts- notably Instigators & Doom, both of whom were on Peaceville Records at the time.

Sore Throat was formed in the wake of Napalm Death's trailblazing acheivements-as one part homage, one part parody,and 2 parts comedy.With tongue half-in cheek,they railed against everything that was 'wrong' with the late 80's Hardcore Punk scene during the first stirrings of its soon to prove-fateful crossover towards metalheads-first DRI, then ND's 'success' in the crossover scene was ample ammunition for Sore Throat's vitriol.

To the uninitiated fan it sounds just like prime UK grindcore, but Sore Throat's music was less important than their rhetoric- they set themselves up as almost 'scene-police', berating the exploding, Earache-inspired grindcore scene, and constantly baiting Napalm Death- I presume cos they were too untalented to actually form part of it.

ST were amazingly prolific, churning out countless albums for many different labels-late on, Earache actually got in on the 'fun' of ST too, and encouraging the band to make a 101 track noisefest monster of an album "Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid'.

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