Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How Cult Of Luna got signed

Question: I have another question regarding a recent band in your rooster. I see that you\'re making jokes about how people don\'t talk about recent bands but rather talk about the old bands so here\'s something that\'s not a big question but I\'ve been wondering...

I love Cult of Luna... and I know that Earache has signed many bands that aren\'t per-se the heaviest band or even metal... but how did Earache come across Cult of Luna? They certainly aren\'t the most metal band and I know Earache is famous for it\'s promotion of extreme metal so how did Earache stumble upon Cult of Luna? If I may say so myself, they certainly are a great catch of a band for your label. From:

Answer: Cult Of Luna was discovered and signed to Earache by Dan Tobin the UK label manager + A&R Director responsible for most of the additions to the roster in later years.He was friends with Duncan who ran the small, short lived but very influential Yorkshire, UK- based label 'Rage of Achilles', which had actually issued the COL debut CD, pre-Earache.(I think Duncan says he discovered them by chance via scouring the net for new acts mp3's, which was not as easy as you think in the pre-Myspace era ).

Duncan pressed 2000 cds of the debut-Naturally Earache got to hear that cd early on, and Dan instantly became a big fan of the became an Earache office fave-their expansive, expressive twist on metal was quite breathtaking to us.

Earache approached to sign COL, and also negotiated with Duncan to re-issue the debut as his label unfortunately was'nt able to press any more copies after the first 2000 - now collectors items- sold out.

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