Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cannibal and Desecration- how come not on Earache?

Question: two questions for you if thats ok
1)Alex webster said a few years ago that he considered moving cannibal corpse to another label such as earache, Was he serious when he said this or was it just a way of getting metal blade to invest more time, money and effort in CC. If the latter is the case how comon do bands use that ploy to get more label attention?
2)Have earache ever considered signing welsh death metal band desecration? its just im surprised that for all their years on the uk scene they havent got an offer from you guys yet, is it because they are a newport band and because of the so called scene politcs after what happened with dub war. From:

Answer: Earache has never had an official- or even unofficial- conversation with Cannibal Corpse about joining us. I guess our paths never crossed, and i imagine they are rightly happy with the work Metal Blade has done for them for what, a decade now, making them a leading death metal band, arguably THE biggest selling pure Death metal band of all time.If Alex said he considerd moving, i think, like you said, it was probably a ploy to get more attention from their label.maybe their contract was up and they were re-negotiating it at the time.We greatly admire their loyalty to the label that made them!More bands should do what CC have done.Tho of course of they did contact us we'd sign them in an instant!
As for Desecration-again, we have never had an official conversation with them.We are not madly into the band, actually, thats why no offer has been made.Its nothing to do with being from newport, and i'm not even aware of any scene politics between Earache and folks from newport.

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