Friday, August 11, 2006

Getting Signed TO EARACHE (part 2,139)

Question: do u guys get back to the bands and let them know about there demo submissions regardless of wether u like them or not? From:

Answer: nah- sadly not, we dont have the time to reply to the countless hopefuls who approach us about getting signed, but most CDs that arrive here or the myspace links you send to us DO get clicked and played.About 5-10 bands per day use our demo submission form ( found under contacts section of our site)
As an experiment we might offer that service to unsigned acts in the future, if bands wanna hear what we actually think about a demo supplied, we could offer a personal critique and offer ideas for improvement- I could be the Simon Cowell of metal A&R ha ha (minus the crap trousers)
.The most common failing as far as we are concerned is bands who just cant get a rhythm section to play together tightly yet, cos they are too new.Bands are just not world class within 1 month of picking up instruments- its frankly impossible.Our A&R ears are attuned to milisecond timing - if you are out of time even a fraction, we pass.
The second most common failing is lack of orginality.

However, labels notoriously get it wrong and miss out on perfectly great bands while early in their career, for various reasons- i personally passed on Dillinger Escape Plan, Fear factory and Sepultura as well as the entire genres of black metal and Gothic metal - so what the fuck do i know anyways?

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